PEO Solutions

Health care reform has changed the way businesses purchase and administer employee benefits. At Nextep, we’re employee benefits experts. As part of our PEO services, one of our main objectives is to work with small to medium-sized companies to develop a long-term, sustainable benefits strategy, allowing them to grow their organization.

Employee benefits are a major expense for most businesses. Through our A-rated carriers, we offer an affordable suite of large master medical policies sponsored by Nextep. We have Affordable Care Act (ACA) certified experts on staff, keeping our clients compliant with the latest regulations.

Nextep’s robust benefits platform brings the best of both worlds to small and medium-sized businesses. We provide access to Fortune 500-style benefits with large group buying power, but nurture each company’s plan with the individual service you can expect from a dedicated service team.

Staying up-to-date on the ever-changing world of Human Resources can be a daunting task and take time away from the pressing needs of your business. Leave those worries to Nextep’s experienced, certified Human Resource Consultants.

As part of our PEO services, they provide HR guidance in managing your workforce, including job descriptions and salary assessments, background screening, unemployment claims management, employee handbooks, and advising on employee discipline and other areas that impact the employee life cycle.

Our HR Department works diligently to keep you up-to-date and compliant with the latest legislation affecting the workplace.

Nextep offers competitive, comprehensive group workers’ compensation coverage through an A-rated carrier. This one-million dollar policy is offered with additional services such as insurance policy management and safety program development.

Unlike typical workers’ compensation coverage, Nextep does not require your organization to provide up-front premium payment. Many carriers require a minimum of 20% down and for the entire policy to be paid within the first nine months of a twelve-month policy. We offer a simple “pay as you go” payment plan.

As part of our PEO services, Nextep’s experienced Risk Department is ready to assist your company with any claims of workplace injuries and helps your office to create a safety-conscious culture.

Why Choose Nextep

Benefits expertise
All plans are ACA compliant
Robust technology
Business stability and longevity
ESAC Accreditation

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