Meet the Nextep team

Brian Fayak
Brian Fayak
Founder, President, and CEO

Brian Fayak founded Nextep with the excitement only a true entrepreneur can possess. He left a career working for a publicly-traded company to start a one-person operation offering HR services to small businesses.

Since those modest beginnings, Nextep has grown into the industry’s premier professional employer organization with clients coast-to-coast. And the reason is no secret: Nextep knows how to grow business.

“I'm committed to making Nextep a great place to work by creating a culture where people look forward to Monday mornings. They celebrate each other's successes and elevate and enrich clients.”

Melissa Grimes
Melissa Grimes
Chief Operating Officer

“At Nextep you can become anything you want to be. Top the sales leaderboard, serve clients who are growing their business, or build a state-of-the-art tech platform — the options are limitless.”

Adam Graham
Adam Graham
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

“Nextep embodies something I've always believed - 'There's nothing to it but to do it.' All of the teams are engaged with the target of every client and employee having the best experience.”

Nextep team - David Wolverton, Chief Technology Officer
David Wolverton
Chief Technology Officer

“I strive to reach new financial heights and make a positive impact on our employees, customers, and communities. My mission is to empower everyone to achieve prosperity and purpose in everything we do.”

Cory Dowers - Nextep
Cory Dowers
Chief Financial Officer

Nextep by the Numbers

78,000 cups
of coffee PER YEAR

2.8K hours donated BY Nexteppers

95% agree, Nextep is a Great Place to Work

In the Spotlight

Johnna Adams
Senior Benefits Plan Specialist
"My favorite part of Nextep is the culture. We celebrate each other's milestones, no matter how big or small; and there is always support for each other on the hard days."
Brian Bennett
IT Manager
Michelle Golob
Michelle Boydston
Regional Sales Manager, Oklahoma
Nicole Boykins
Product Director
Luke Brigan
Software Development Manager
Anna Castro
Regional Sales Manager, Austin
Lindsey Christopher
Regional Sales Manager, North Carolina
Jenna Cohen
Regional Sales Manager, Minneapolis
Nextep team - Logan Conn, Retirement Plan Manager
Logan Conn
Retirement Plan Manager
Justin Davis
Director of Benefits
Tiffany Hammer
Implementation Manager
Ryan Henderson
Benefits Admin Manager
Kristen Hendrix
Regional Sales Manager, North Dallas
Hugh Higgins
Regional Sales Manager, Central Dallas
Breanna Honeycutt
Vice President of Sales
Johnson, Hank - Director of Risk Management
Hank Johnson
Director of Risk Management
Laura Kresse
Regional Sales Manager, Nashville
Nextep team - Hailey Looney,, Client Success Manager
Hailey Looney
Client Success Manager
Charity McMahon
Vice President of Client Operations
Carolyn Montgomery
Vice President of Sales
Kim Nichols
Customer Services Manager
Lindsey Nichols
Vice President of Human Resources
Sandy Powell
Sandy Powell
Human Resources Manager
Mandy Rushing
Director of Sales Enablement
Haley Schroedter
Vice President of Sales
Lindsey Sills
Regional Sales Manager, Denver
Ashton Stephens
Client Success Director
Nextep Our Team - Dagny Williams
Dagny Williams
Regional Sales Manager, Houston
Jessica Wisham
Payroll Manager


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