Additional Services & Assessments

The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of Nextep’s optional products and additional services or required assessments and their associated fees to the Customer (the “Additional Services”).

NOTE: All charges for Additional Services are subject to adjustment by Nextep based on Nextep’s actual costs and market conditions. Further, Nextep reserves the right to alter a product, service, and a fee or assessment listed below at any time. This list does not include all of Nextep’s services, products, or associated fees/assessments. Some services may require separate written agreements between Nextep and the Customer. By signing the Customer Service Agreement, the Customer agrees to be bound by any required fee or assessment listed below.

Fees shown are per occurrence unless otherwise noted. All fees are billed to Clients through your Nextep payroll invoice as line item charges. Please contact Nextep for complete details.

This page shows fees per service. To see information about employer costs for benefit products, please see our Ancillary Benefit Costs resource page.


Payroll Services
Time & Attendance $275 | setup fee
$30 base fee | plus $4.29 per person/month
The setup fee includes timekeeping customization and training for customer administrators; physical time clocks are available at an additional cost.
Payroll S&H $47 | per location This is only applicable if the customer receives paper checks or pay cards.
New Hire Setup Fee $25 | per employee Cost for every customer’s new hire after initial enrollment.
1099 Contractor Processing Service $500 per setup | $10 per check Cost for payment processing of customer’s independent contractors. The price includes a one-time setup fee and ongoing administrative costs.
W2C Processing $500 base fee | plus $50 per W2C Includes processing and administrative costs incurred by Nextep.
Off-Cycle Payroll Processing $100 base fee | plus $25 per employee  Cost for processing additional payrolls and taxes outside of a customer’s normal cycle.
Garnishment Minimum allowed by state The cost of issuing a garnishment check varies by state. Nextep charges the lowest amount allowed by states. This is an employee cost, not employer.
Stale Check $50 | per check Assessment for checks cashed or deposited that are older than 180 days.
Same-Day ACH Request $25 | per instance Charged when the client requests Nextep transfer an employee’s pay the same day. Only charged when this is caused by client error.
Benefit Services
To see a comprehensive list of costs for ancillary benefits, please visit our Employer Benefits Costs resources.
HSA Setup & Administration $10 | setup fee
$5 | admin fee per employee/month
$10 | replacement card
$20 | early withdrawal fee
It is up to the customer if they want to pay the one-time setup fee and the monthly admin cost. The replacement debit card and early withdrawal fees are employee costs.
FSA (Med/LP/DEP) No additional cost Services include administration of pre-tax deductions and claim processing.
FSA (Transit/Parking) No additional cost Services include administration of pre-tax deductions and claim processing.
HRA $400 | per plan
$200 | per plan
$5 | per employee/month
One-time employer setup fee.
Employer annual renewal fee.
Fee per participating employee/month.
Telehealth $5 | $8 per employee/month Cost varies by plan (Plus/Enhanced).
COBRA Notification Letters $3.95 | per letter If the customer has COBRA-eligible employees, Nextep shall provide informational notices to those employees at the fee listed.
Aon’s Coverwallet platform varies by plan See the Coverwallet enrollment portal to build a customized quote
HR Services
Recruiting Services Various packages available. Reach out to Nextep’s Recruiting Department for pricing details.
Applicant Tracking System $0 – 249 | per month Cost is subject to the package selected. Please contact Nextep to learn more.
Performance Management $1,500 | one-time setup fee
$4 | per employee/month
The customer must have service for one full year after signing up.
Choose between the Basic, General, and Advanced package.
Labor Posters $30 | per physical poster New customers receive all required posters for each of the customer’s locations at no cost. Any subsequent poster provided to the customer is subject to the listed fees per poster, per location.
Skills Assessment $30 | per assessment Over 1,200 skills assessments to choose from. Contact Nextep’s HR team for more details.
DISC Assessment $50 | per assessment DISC is a workplace personality assessment to improve productivity and workplace culture. Please get in touch with Nextep’s HR team for more details.
Screening Services Various packages available. Background, motor vehicle, drug screens, and other employment-related screenings are available.
Online Training $50 | per employee/year option
$10 | per employee/month option
There are 6,000+ courses available. Online administration included.
Smartpact Signature $300 | per document/year Requires digital signatures on documents instead of a time-stamped acknowledgment.
E-Verify Included in Admin  
Handbooks Included in Admin  
VOE (Verification of
Included in Admin  
New Hire & Term Notices Included in Admin  
Other Services
Worker Opportunity Tax Credit 15% of credit received Administration fee processing the WOTC for clients. Only processed at the client’s request.
Safety Services Cost is charged per hour and varies by client. Typically b/t $300-$350 per hour. Cost of visit based on the scope of the request. We provide anything from general walkthroughs to safety manual drafting with a certified safety professional.
State Tax Account Registration $375 | setup per state Customers may request assistance with state tax account registration and administration. The setup fee is a one-time charge for initial registration services.
State Unemployment Account Information Fees $250 per Customer company/entity per quarter
$100 per Customer company/entity per month
Clients must timely provide SUTA account registration information to Nextep for SUTA account administration and compliance. If Nextep does not receive this information timely, Nextep will assess the stated fees until the customer provides such account information.
Prior Period Payroll Tax Adjustment and Amendment $250 minimum If a payroll tax adjustment or amendment must be made with regard to the customer’s account, then Nextep shall charge the stated fees in conjunction with the required action.
Successful Abatement Request 20% of the Abatement amount The client may request assistance from Nextep for an abatement request. If the abatement is successful, then Nextep shall assess the fee listed.