2024 Minimum Wage Increases

At least 22 states and nearly 40 local jurisdictions will increase their minimum wage rates on January 1, 2024. Below is a summary of these changes and guidelines to help you comply with your minimum wage requirements. As a reminder, in cases where federal, state, or local regulations differ, the employer must use the law that benefits the employee the most.

Download this list as a printable cheat sheet here:

2024 Minimum Wage Updates

State Minimum Wage Increases

The following table covers January 1, 2024 hourly minimum wage increases for all applicable states. Some states adjust their wages annually for inflation but have yet to announce their 2024 rates. Nextep will update this table as announcements are made.

Minimum Wage
Alaska $11.73
Arizona $14.35
California $16.00
Colorado $14.42
Connecticut $15.69
Delaware $13.25
Hawaii $14.00
Illinois $14.00
Maine $14.15
Maryland $15.00
Michigan $10.33
Minnesota $10.85 for employers with at least $500,000 in gross sales
$8.85 for employers with less than $500,000 in gross sales
Missouri $12.30
Montana $10.30
Nebraska $12.00
New Jersey $15.13 for employers with six or more employees

$13.73 for seasonal employers and employers with fewer than six employees

New York  $15.00 per hour 
Ohio $10.45
Rhode Island $14.00
South Dakota $11.20
Vermont $13.67
Washington $16.28

Local Minimum Wage Increases

Several cities and counties are also increasing their minimum wages. Here’s a breakdown of cities’ hourly minimum wage increases effective January 1, 2024.

Please be aware that even if your city is not listed in this table, it may still have applicable local laws regarding wages and employment. Please visit your region’s Department of Labor website to confirm details.

Minimum Wage
Flagstaff, AZ $17.40
Belmont, CA $17.35
Burlingame, CA $17.03
Cupertino, CA $17.75
Daly City, CA $16.62
East Palo Alto, CA $17.10
El Cerrito, CA $17.92
Foster City, CA    $17.00
Half Moon Bay, CA $17.01
Hayward, CA (26 or more employees) $16.90
Long Beach, CA TBD
Los Altos, CA $17.75
Menlo Park, CA $16.70
Mountain View, CA $18.75
Novato, CA (1-25 employees) $16.04
Novato, CA (26-99 employees) $16.60
Novato, CA (100 or more employees) $16.86
Oakland, CA $16.50

*$17.94 hotels (w/ health benefits)

*$23.91 hotels (without benefits)

Palo Alto, CA $17.80
Petaluma, CA  $17.45
Redwood City, CA $17.70
Richmond, CA $17.20
San Carlos, CA $16.87
San Diego, CA $16.85
San Jose, CA $17.55
San Mateo, CA $17.35
Santa Clara City, CA $17.75
Santa Rosa, CA  $17.45
Sonoma, CA $17.60 for large employers (26+)

$16.56 for small employers (1-25)

South San Francisco, CA $17.25
Sunnyvale, CA $18.55
Boulder County, CO $15.69
Denver, CO  $18.29
Edgewater, CO  $15.02
Portland, ME $15.00
Rockland, ME $15.00
Minneapolis, MN (more than 100 EEs) $15.57
St. Paul, MN (more than 10,000 EEs) $15.57
New York City, NY $16.00
Long Island, NY $16.00
Westchester County, NY $16.00
Tukwila, WA (15 to 500 EEs) $18.29
Tukwila, WA (more than 500 EEs) $20.29
SeaTac, WA $19.71
Seattle, WA $19.97

$17.25 (if employer has 1-500 employees and provides $2.72/hour in medical benefits/tips)

For more information on these changes, please contact Nextep at 888-811-5150, or email your HR Team at hr@nextep.com

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