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5 Ways to Set Your Employee Up for Success on His or Her First Day

5 Ways to Set Your Employee Up for Success on His or Her First Day

An employee's first day at your company can set the tone for your working relationship.

Though your new employee may feel stressed or nervous, you can take steps to create a positive experience.

The first step is to create a "wow" factor during the onboarding process. Nextep's easy onboarding portal takes care of gathering the necessary paperwork such as the I-9 and W-4. You'll also want to develop a program and schedule that includes orientation, training, and building rapport with team members.

Here are 5 ways to get started.

  1. Be prepared. Have a designated work station, computer (if necessary), login information, and keys or pass cards available on the employee's first day. Be ready to greet the employee when he or she arrives.
  2. Be a tour guide. Give your employee a tour of the building and make introductions. Point out important areas such as the restroom, lunch area, water fountain, office supplies, and manager's office.
  3. Map it out. Prepare a schedule before your new employee arrives. Their ime should be planned out for at least the first week and provide enough training materials that they're not sitting at a desk doing nothing.
  4. Get out of the office Treat the new employee to lunch. Ideally, the entire team or department will also attend. It's a great way to start team building and helps the new person feel welcomed.
  5. Provide support. Designate a mentor or contact to help answer questions during training. Check on your new employee frequently, allowing him or her to feel reassured that there is support available.
  6. Need more help creating a fabulous first day that leads to better employee retention? Contact Nextep's HR team for guidance!

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