Answers to Your W-2 Questions

Beth Dean 12.07.22

Please note: these instructions apply to our legacy Nextep account. If your company is using the new Elevate by Nextep experience, please follow the instructions here.

Tax season is upon us! All W-2s will be available in your Nextep account no later than January 31. Here are answers to a few frequently asked W-2 questions.


What might delay the delivery of my W-2?

If your address is incorrect, it will delay your W-2. Please update your address before January 6 by logging into your Nextep account, clicking My Info, then selecting Myself, and then Mailing Address


Can I get my W-2 electronically?

Yes! You and your employees can opt-in to receive W-2s securely and electronically instead of receiving a mailed copy. Follow the steps below to opt in by January 6, 2023

W-2 Instructions

Even if you don’t opt into paperless-only W-2 delivery, you will still be able to view your W-2 online once it’s available. no later than January 31.


When my W-2 is available, ​​how can I view it online?

Download the Nextep mobile app on iOS or Android to view your W-2 on any mobile device.  

On your desktop computer, can also log into your Nextep account and download or print additional copies of your W-2. Click My Pay > My W-2.

Former employees must click My Info, Payroll, and then W-2 to access their W-2 online. 


When will my W-2 be in the mail?

Nextep will mail your W-2 no later than January 31. Your W-2 will go to your most recent home address on file with Nextep as of January 6. Please note due to national shipping delays, we cannot guarantee delivery dates. Alternatively, you can opt out of mail and receive a digital-only copy of your W-2 by opting in by January 6. Here’s how.


What if I forgot to update my address, or my W-2 gets lost in the mail?

No worries! You will also be able to view, download, and print your W-2 securely from your Nextep account. Simply log in, visit My Pay, then My W-2. Select the year from the drop-down box that you wish to view. You can also call us at 888-811-5150 or log in to your Nextep account to chat with us online.


What if I’m a former employee and can’t log in?

If you are no longer employed with the company you received pay from in 2022, we will still mail your W-2 to the most recent address we have on file. You can also access your W-2 online. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the Nextep login page. Instead of logging in as you used to do, click the Reactivate My Account link.
  2. In the screen that pops up, enter the email address you used when you originally had the account.
  3. If your originally-registered email address was your (now defunct) work email, reach out to Nextep at 888-811-5150. We can update your record to your personal email.

Nextep - Reactivate Account


Can’t I just use the info on my last paystub instead of waiting for my W-2?

Many employees have tax-free deductions that would cause the taxable wages on the W-2 to be different from the amount reflected on the pay stub. The result: you could file an incorrect return and overpay in taxes.


What is the information in Box 12DD of my W-2?

Healthcare regulations require Nextep to show the value of the employee’s healthcare coverage in Box 12DD of the W-2.

Box 12DD of your W-2 will show both the portion paid by your employer and the portion paid by you toward the health plan administered through Nextep during the tax year. If you’re not enrolled in a Nextep-administered plan, Box 12DD will remain blank.

This information on the W-2 does not change your tax filing status, procedure, or return in any way.


​​​​​How do I change my tax withholding?

You can change your W-4 withholding online. Log into your Nextep account, click My Info, then Taxes, then Tax Withholding to update your federal and state tax withholdings. 


What should I claim on my W-4 tax withholding form?

The IRS offers a handy tax withholding estimator that can help you decide that to claim on your W-4. While it’s difficult to get an exact number, the IRS’s tax estimator can help ensure you don’t have too much or too little federal income tax withheld. Please note our employees cannot give tax advice.


What if I’m exempt?

If eligible for exempt filing status, you must complete a new W-4 with the Exempt box checked. An exempt W-4 is only valid during the calendar year it was provided, so you will be required by the IRS to complete a new exempt W-4 and return it to Nextep by February 15 each year. Failure to complete a new W-4 will result in a tax status of single with 0 allowances. See the IRS website for more information.


Is the holiday savings account deduction pre or post-tax?

Post-tax. Learn more or enroll by selecting the Holiday Savings icon in your Nextep account.


Get more help!

We’re here to help! For W-2 questions, payroll help, and more, contact your payroll specialist at Nextep.

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