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How to Promote Workplace Wellness

How to Promote Workplace Wellness

The physical and mental well-being of your employees is as essential post-quarantine as it was months ago. 

At Nextep, we're doing what we can to ensure our employees are healthy and stay that way. Keeping up with your employees' well-being can be challenging, so here are a few ways to promote workplace wellness.

Have a telehealth service 

Telemedicine became a hot commodity during the national shutdown when many doctors' offices were closed, and millions were homebound. Nextep clients and employees have easy access to Teladoc for non-medical emergencies, wellness screenings for COVID-19, and mental health visits.* Telehealth doctors are available 24/7/365 to provide quality care through the convenience of phone or video consults. It can save your employees time and money. 

Create a wellness program or challenges

You may offer discounts to gyms, but with many businesses still closed and social distancing a priority, it's now an excellent time to shift to online options. At Nextep, we have an internal wellness committee that creates healthy challenges for our employees. We also have free access to the Attain by Aetna app, which allows employees to meet weekly health goals while earning an Apple Watch or gift cards. 

Challenges don't have to be done in person and can include goals like drinking more water or walking one mile a day. Assess your employees to help create your wellness program or challenges. If those strategies don’t work for you, you can find resources promoting general wellness to share with your employees. 

While the physical health of employees is crucial, it’s also important to remember mental well-being. If you don't already have an employee assistance program (EAP), you might think about creating one. An EAP can help employees with mental health resources as well as provide plenty of info on nutrition and exercise. Nextep employees and clients use our EAP, Resources for living, for a variety of tools. 

Show you care 

Employees want to feel safe at work. Providing signage promoting social distancing or cleaning supplies for common areas is an easy way to keep employees healthy. It's also good to survey your employees to determine what health measures are valuable to them, and if you're doing a good job at meeting their needs. Providing calendar reminders for daily symptom checks before coming to the office can be helpful too. 

Offering in-office health screenings, including flu shots and biometric screenings, show your employees you care about their well-being. It can also be a way for you to prevent illness-related disruptions.

You can read more about what we learned post-quarantine in our blog: Lessons from Quarantine  

*Additional fees may apply. Log into your Teladoc account to learn more about available services and fees. Nextep employees can also contact the benefits team with questions about plan details.

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