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How We Use Technology to Enhance Service at Nextep, and the Award We Won for It!

How We Use Technology to Enhance Service at Nextep, and the Award We Won for It!

This year, Nextep was pleased to help a record number of clients and employees.

Our advances in technology have allowed us to be more accessible to our people than ever before. Whether by phone, email, chat, web, the help section of your account, survey, in person, or with available resources that answer frequent questions, we believe in creating meaningful relationships with the people we do business with each day and making employment easier.

Nextep is honored to be the recipient of the Service of Future Now award. Bluewolf, an IBM company, established the Future Now Award to recognize companies who use Salesforce to find innovative ways to engage employees and create customer moments.

"We've rolled out some impressive tools for clients, and our technology is one area where I take great pride," said Brian Fayak, Nextep's Founder, President, & CEO. "While technology is important, it's nothing without people."

We continued to optimize our integrated technology platform for clients and employees, allowing them to find all of their employee-related needs in one place. Here are just a few of the enhancements we've made this year to be even more accessible to our people:


Analytics allow company owners and admins to get insights fast, dig in to your data, and take action in a way you can't with any other platform. Interactive charts show you your workforce, payroll spending, and benefits participation. Our analytics deliver powerful, actionable data and give you the tools to be even more of an employer of choice.

Net Promoter Score

To better listen to you and your employees, we’ve implemented Net Promoter Score (NPS). When we assist you and your employees, we follow up with a survey so you can let us know how we did. We take your feedback and use it to guide our research and development, dedicating significant resources to improve your employment experience.

Phone System

Nextep's new phone system fully integrates with our technology and gives us even quicker access to your information. We see frequent questions and needs as soon as the phone rings, allowing us to get you and your employees the answers you need, fast. Now, the happy person who answers your phone is armed with information to serve you quicker.

We look forward to using technology to serve you even better and hearing more of your feedback to continually improve our offerings.

Check out our infographic with just a few ways Nextep is using technology to make life easier.

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Infographic credit: Shelby Simons

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