How the Right HR Technology Makes a Manager's Work Easier

Meet Mary.

She’s an office manager at a 55+ employee company that produces medical supplies for hospitals and doctor’s offices across the United States. 

Mary does it all, from the company’s sales orders and payroll to new hire details and answering employee questions about benefits — her workday can be a little hectic. 

She has a few different ways to manage her daily tasks. For starters, she logs into her online payroll account to review PTO requests. Then she opens up her company’s accounting software to approve timesheets. Finally, in between meetings, she takes phone calls from employees who have questions about their benefits enrollment and the costs per paycheck. 

While Mary can get everything done, she is still frustrated by the number of programs she needs. She’s ready to make better use of her time and switch her focus to increasing sales.

Mary noticed her friend, Jordan, wears multiple hats with ease in his role as an HR leader, so she went to him for advice. When Jordan explained he’s been able to take a lot off his plate after partnering with Nextep, Mary knew who she was calling next. 



Now, Mary only needs one password for an account that houses all of her manager functions. After checking in on her new hire’s onboarding progress online, she moves on to reviewing timesheets that are ready for approval without ever leaving her Nextep account. That’s one of the ways Nextep’s all-in-one technology platform is making Mary’s life easier. 

When Mary wraps up a few small tasks like running custom payroll reports, she continues to use her Nextep account to prepare for a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. With Nextep’s One-Tap Management, Mary can quickly toggle between her company’s info and personal profile to check her flexible spending account (FSA) balance. 

Mary is a Nextep technology pro, giving her employees the tools to manage their info anytime and anywhere with Nextep’s mobile app! When Mary’s employee, Karl, needed to verify the monthly cost of his new health plan, she told him how to use his Nextep account to access benefit accounts instantly. Karl also learned he could view paystubs or make changes to his personal info all in one account, without the pain of remembering multiple passwords with Nextep’s Simple Sign In.



By partnering with a PEO like Nextep, the headache Mary had managing new hire paperwork, benefits enrollment, and payroll is gone. Her employees now have the power of Nextep technology to manage their employment info, giving her more time to prioritize what’s important. 

Managers like Mary are finding new ways to solve their unique day-to-day challenges, and Nextep is here to help! Schedule a meeting with us today to see how we can simplify your employment experience. 

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