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Leveraging Technology for Business Continuity

Leveraging Technology for Business Continuity

When preparing a business continuity plan, technology can be your most powerful tool. Here are two areas to think about:

Assess your technology platform.
Let's face it, sometimes employees leave and you have to hire someone new. If your technology platform is so complicated that there's a long ramp-up period while the new employee trains on how to use the system, you'll miss out on valuable working time and the cost of a new hire will increase exponentially.

You'll also want to think through the online experience for your clients and customers. Is your technology platform intuitive enough that a new customer can easily navigate it on his or her very first visit? Is it powerful enough that it presents a complete set of tools for the user to complete tasks without having to stop for additional resources?

For your business to continue to be relevant and up to date with competitors, continually assess and improve the technology platform.

Think about multiple devices.
People aren't just using the desktop computer any more, even for work. There are obvious steps to take work on the go, including having emails accessible by phone, but think through every bit of the online business process and whether it can be completed from a place other than one designated desktop computer.

This can be especially tricky when it comes to proprietary or customized software, which is sometimes loaded only on specific computers and not compatible on mobile platforms. It may necessitate big (and expensive) changes, but software that's cloud-based (online and accessible from anywhere via login) can save your employees from work stoppage if they are unable to be at their desks. When making the investment, be sure that the platform is mobile responsive, meaning it automatically resizes itself to be fully accessible from a computer, tablet, or phone.

Remember, technology is meant as a tool to enrich your experience and make it easier. It doesn't replace the human touch.

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