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Nextep Donates $10,000 to Grand Gentlemen to Support Local Black Community

Nextep Donates $10,000 to Grand Gentlemen to Support Local Black Community

In early June of 2020, our founder and CEO, Brian Fayak, announced Nextep would donate $50,000 and match employee donations to organizations that support the Black community. Since then, we’ve created a committee to find five outstanding local organizations committed to building up the Black community in the Oklahoma City Metro. 

These organizations will each receive $10,000 donations from The Nextep Charitable Foundation, and we’ll highlight each one on our blog in the coming weeks! 

Our first $10,000 donation was made to Grand Gentlemen, an organization dedicated to “uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring young men of color to secure their future.” They do this through mentorship, culture-based artistic entertainment, and their Man of the Year Award scholarship program.

Our mission is to enhance our community by propagating the gentleman's lifestyle through the fostering of cultural spaces, highlighting local art/artists, displaying quality fashion and providing scholastic opportunity for graduating Seniors as they pursue collegiate and higher educational goals.” Grand Gentlemen

Grand Gentlemen works to identify and cultivate the greatness of the young men in the community, both inside and out. “We show our greatness outwardly through our dapper attire; we show our greatness inwardly through our thoughts and actions.” (Grand Gentlemen

Through their Man of the Year Award, winners receive a scholarship and a tailored suit to help set them up for success at college and beyond. Grand Gentlemen encourages their young men to dress for success, knowing that the way a person carries themselves can create a positive influence in the world around them. 

You can partner with Grand Gents by donating to, supporting, and following the incredible work they do (Instagram: @grandgentleman). We’re proud to have the opportunity to partner with Grand Gentlemen, and we’re thrilled to donate our first $10,000 to this group. Stay tuned to see which organization we choose next!

Check back every week to learn more about these incredible nonprofits and how you can join us in supporting them as they support the Black community in different ways. We believe in the missions of each of these organizations, and we want to bring awareness to the great work they are doing.

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