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Nextep Establishes Local Presences in Key Areas

Nextep Establishes Local Presences in Key Areas

Nextep sales teams leverage co-working offices in their hometowns.

Nextep’s commitment to company culture has played a part in its success at the corporate headquarters in Norman, Oklahoma. Now, the company is investing in its local sales teams by providing co-working spaces in Tulsa, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Denver, and Nashville.

Nextep now has a home base for its sales professionals that live and work in Nextep’s primary markets. The office spaces allow teams to work closely with their clients, cultivate relationships, problem solve, and build a local network of resources. Nextep has always worked to make the lives of its employees and clients easier. With the new offices, the company is elevating the local team culture to mirror the main office atmosphere.

“The decision to put our professionals in a local office was an easy one to make. We believe it will give us a much stronger local presence and help with the development of our teams."
 - Brian Fayak, Nextep President and CEO.

Organizations like WeWork and 36 Degrees North provide shared workspaces for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Utilizing spaces like these create base hubs for Nextep’s clients and business consultants while establishing firmer roots in the community.

Nextep chose locations that are modern and dynamic, similar to their corporate office. Bringing employees together in this way encourages camaraderie and makes it easier to share ideas. As a Best Place to Work in Oklahoma, Nextep believes it’s important to extend the company culture outside the walls of their corporate headquarters and into the new collaborative work environments.

At Nextep, going beyond the status quo is a distinct corporate culture characteristic. The company’s decision to be closer to clients is just another example of its commitment to investing in people, culture, and the community. With continuous growth and future expansion, Nextep will continue to make strategic decisions that elevate the employment experience and enrich people’s lives.

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