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Nextep is Here to Help in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Beth Dean 09.05.17
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In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we at Nextep are here to help.

Our first concern is for your safety. Before worrying about anything business-related, we want to make sure you and your people are all safe and accounted for.

Our payroll team has been reaching out to Houston-area clients to discuss upcoming special payroll needs in light of the natural disaster. We recognize clients may face obstacles in processing payroll.

We are here to help! If you have not been able to touch base with your payroll specialist, please reach out as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Nextep’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) may have helpful practical and emotional resources for those affected. Here are special resources they’ve created related to Hurricane Harvey.

Our primary provider for health benefits, Aetna, has released a statement of ways that it is helping those in need, including assistance with prescription refills and behavioral health support. They are also assisting those evacuated that can no longer visit their local doctor or pharmacy.

Many people have missed work because of the hurricane and flooding. Texas Disaster Unemployment Assistance is available in the counties affected by Hurricane Harvey to help replace lost income.

Affected employees have deadlines to apply for disaster unemployment benefits that vary between September 27 and October 5. Visit the Texas Workforce Commission for the deadlines for specific areas. Please reach out to the Nextep HR team with questions.

Finally, our risk & compliance team has numerous informational flyers from our workers’ compensation carrier, Zurich, with safety guidance. Check out these tips for protecting your company property during recovery. Contact our risk team for more safety resources.

If there is any other area where we can help your company, please do not hesitate to let us know. You, your employees, and your families have our thoughts during this challenging time.

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