Nextep Opens Office in Minneapolis

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Nextep announced that it has added an office to service the city and the surrounding region.

“Nextep continues to expand, and Minnesota is a place that we knew we wanted to be,” said Brian Fayak, president and CEO of Nextep, Inc. “Minneapolis is growing rapidly and it’s a great opportunity for us to serve and connect with businesses. We can’t wait to contribute to the already rich community.”

Nextep is a CPEO, or certified professional employer organization. It partners with community businesses and supports them with benefits, payroll processing, risk management, and human resources. To make things even easier, Nextep developed a technology platform that fully streamlines the way a business manages its team. When businesses partner with Nextep, they worry less about their administrative burden and can focus more on their important work, leaving the headache behind.

Nextep has been in business for more than 20 years and accreditation from the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) assures clients that Nextep is ethically and operationally sound. It has received many recognitions as a “Best Place to Work in Oklahoma” and its experts are dedicated to elevating the employment experience. Jenna Cohen, Nextep’s regional sales manager in Minneapolis, recently made the move from Denver to Minneapolis to kick-start the location opening. “I am back in my home state, opening a market for a company that I love working for,” Cohen said. “‘Minesota Nice’ is the best way to describe Nextep’s culture and their commitment to people.”

With Nextep’s expansion to Minneapolis, there’s an excellent opportunity to serve the incredible communities in Minnesota alongside the talented people that live there. “When you see a region that is not only growing but thriving, that’s something you want to be part of,” said Breanna Honeycutt, Nextep’s VP of Sales. “People are relocating to Minneapolis in droves, and we want to assist the people there that are building something amazing.”

Nextep looks forward to serving businesses and the communities in Minneapolis.

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