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OSHA 300A Posting Requirement

OSHA 300A Posting Requirement

On February 1 until April 30, each company worksite may be required to post a completed OSHA Form 300A Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses that occurred during the previous year.

OSHA Form 300A is a simple one-page table that shows a list of injuries that occurred at that workplace during the previous calendar year.

OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, requires posting the report in a location that is easily and frequently seen by employees. This workplace injury information is unique to each worksite. Therefore, each company worksite must complete and post the OSHA Form 300A.

The OSHA Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses packet contains several pages with differing purposes. You only need to post the 300A one-page summary for public viewing. The remaining pages of the packet will be utilized by the worksite employer during 2016 to keep up-to-date records of on-the-job injuries.

Certain industries and companies with less than 10 employees may be exempt from the OSHA 300A posting requirement. A list of exempt industries can be found at osha.gov. Please note that the list of exempt industries narrowed on January 1, 2015 when OSHA updated its recordkeeping requirements. Your company may now be responsible for complying with this regulation, even if it was exempt a couple of years ago.

Even if your company's industry meets the criteria for exemption from the posting requirement, the worksite itself will not be exempt if it experienced a recordable, work-related injury during the 2015 calendar year. Clients may contact Nextep's Risk Department for help determining whether your company is exempt from posting the OSHA 300A summary.

Each company worksite must also maintain ongoing records of work-related injuries. The OSHA packet includes Form 300, in which injuries are listed on an ongoing log, and Form 301, which details the specific nature of each individual injury. These forms will not be submitted to OSHA unless specifically requested but must be kept at your worksite for at least five years following the years they summarize.

Nextep clients who have questions regarding the OSHA posting requirements or need assistance completing the injury information for their companies may contact Nextep's Risk Department at 888-811-5150 or risk@nextep.com.

The OSHA recordkeeping packet, including Form 300A, can be found here.

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