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Setting Workplace Goals

Setting Workplace Goals

The beginning of a new year is a great time to reevaluate your current standing and set workplace goals for what you want to accomplish in the coming months.

We're not just talking about new years resolutions, which seem to be made to be broken. No, we're talking about actual achievements that can and will be reached by you and your company. These workplace goals are not lofty and vague aspirations; they're tangible and necessary to your company's continued success.

In the workplace, goals often range from macro to micro, from the company as a whole all the way into the individual worker. All of these views are vital to success and must be carefully considered. As a starting point, it helps to look at the big picture.

Big Picture
Start by looking at the company as a whole. This examination can and should be done by everyone, regardless of their positions at the company. What is the company's mission? What is the company's big driving goal for the coming year, as well as the three-year plan? How does the company measure success? Is it by profitability, by client load, by public perception? Get a clear picture of where the company wants to go. It should shape the goals that you make as a department and as an individual.

Looking Closer
Once you have a clear understanding of the big picture, take a giant step in. This is where each functional department sets goals for the year. Each department should look at what the company wants to achieve and determine the specific projects the department needs to accomplish during the year to help make that overarching goal a reality. Additional details should be considered to make sure the goals are tangible, such as project timelines, budget, manpower, equipment needed, third party assistance if needed, possible setbacks, measurable results, and more.

Magnifying Glass
The next step in setting workplace goals is to look at yourself. Think about what the company wants to accomplish. What your department wants to accomplish, and what you personally want to accomplish. These goals can be turned outward towards helping the company, as well as inward personal career aspirations. What specific steps can you take to help the company? The department? Yourself? Goals should include action plans, such as training needed, a candid look at strengths and weaknesses that can be helpful or hindering, and how to balance it all with personal goals outside of work.

There are several resources for effective goal achievement, one of the most recognizable being SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant/Realistic, and Timely. For assistance in helping your employees reach goals at your company, please contact Nextep's HR department.

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