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TELEHEALTH: What You Need to Know About Teladoc Services

TELEHEALTH: What You Need to Know About Teladoc Services

Please visit our COVID-19 resources page with more information for business owners and employees.

As the COVID-19 situation unfolds, more people are seeking care from home with telemedicine. 

At Nextep, we know your health care has never been more important. We’re monitoring new laws, answering questions, and communicating info from our partners, like Teladoc. 

Aetna’s telehealth service, Teladoc, is directly supporting members during this pandemic. Here are a few important facts to know:

  • All general medical consults are being screened for COVID‐19 symptoms (e.g. fever, cough, shortness of breath) and risk factors. If a Teladoc physician thinks you have COVID‐19, they’ll guide you to resources for testing and self-care. You’re also encouraged to contact Teladoc again with questions or if symptoms worsen. 
  • Because of increased demand for Teladoc, plan for long wait times. It’s important to note: health care needs will likely continue to rise with community spread. Teladoc is closely monitoring visit requests by region and onboarding more physicians to its network. 
  • Teladoc updated its phone, web, and app messaging to transparently note higher call volumes and provide COVID‐19 resources while you wait.    
  • If you’re new to using Teladoc, visit Teladoc’s website for answers to FAQs. New members should set up their Teladoc account and share their medical history prior to the first visit.   
  • For quicker support, request visits on the mobile app or web. 
  • If you call to request a visit, you can choose to get a call back rather than waiting on hold. Requests after two unanswered calls will be canceled.
  • Teladoc* visits will have zero copays until June 4, 2020 for Aetna members. To view your medical coverage options, log into your Nextep account or visit
  • Teladoc is working closely with public health experts, including the WHO and CDC, to continue to deliver the best care.

If you have questions about your Teladoc services, you can contact Nextep’s benefits team at

*There are no coverage changes for anyone enrolled in Teladoc plus or enhanced with Nextep. Don’t offer one of these Teladoc plans to employees? Let Nextep help, contact your benefits coordinator to learn more about your options.


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