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The Value of Partners During a Pandemic

The Value of Partners During a Pandemic

Please visit our COVID-19 resources page with more information for business owners and employees.

It helps to have experts on your side when it matters most.

No one was really prepared for the coronavirus pandemic. For many businesses around the U.S., navigating the legislation changes while managing a newly remote workforce presented a unique challenge. Having a PEO on your side can help your business survive through all of those changes.

The Friday following the declaration of the state of emergency, Nextep HR experts hosted our first weekly webinar. We hosted weekly webinars during March and April and continue to host bi-weekly webinars to answer questions and offer guidance. Our teams quickly deployed free resources, such as blogs covering topics like the CARES Act, H.R. 6201, and tips for a remote workforce. And with our mobile app, we were able to serve clients anytime, anywhere, and on any device. From digesting new legislation to helping clients prepare for loan applications, it was all hands on deck for our teams. 

“We’re really proud to partner with small businesses. They’re the backbone of this country, and now, more than ever, it’s important that America’s small businesses stay strong. We’re here to be a part of that solution.” said Brian Fayak, Nextep president and CEO.

Our teams quickly deployed free resources to help educate small business owners on new legislation, best practices, and helpful information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. For our clients, we lived up to our “no fee functionality” promise and provided additional support, such as HR advice for remote workers and running reports for loan applications at no additional cost.

“Nextep goes above and beyond, you are not just a number — you are truly family. They find ways to solve your issues like they are sitting in your office. They understand the circumstances and are part of the team resolving them,” said Shawna, a Nextep client. “All of us small businesses need [them] more than ever during this crazy time!” 

From natural disasters to global pandemics, emergencies happen, and there's no better time to evaluate and formalize a plan moving forward. Nextep has seen and survived disasters like these and we are ready to help you plan, prepare, and survive the next crisis.

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