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Jacob Mann 02.12.19
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At Nextep, we provide our people with the tools to learn and grow on our online training system. 

We want to take a second and explain what this is and how it works, so our clients can take advantage of any opportunity to train, get certified, and save money.

How awesome would it be to improve your team’s graphic design skills? What if you could easily train your crew how to operate new equipment, instead of hiring a specialist to train them? What if an employee could receive required industry HR training without having to leave the building?

Nextep’s online learning system offers 7,000+ expert-taught, certified training videos, ranging from Excel courses to HIPAA certification. We can even upload your custom content. Employers can build custom a course schedule for their team members, create due dates, and monitor progress. Videos range from 5 minutes to 1 hour, all depending on what’s best for you and your team’s schedule. You don’t need to attend conferences, hire instructors, or miss important work days; the online training system provides users with certificates of training completion, all within your office.

How it works:

Our training memberships are a little like Netflix memberships, only the members don’t share them with each other. Every user gets a personalized course schedule, a detailed activity history that leadership can monitor, individualized course completion certificates, and a ton more. The courses are interactive and have quizzes to keep your team fresh as they move through the course work.

How much?

For a short time, when you buy an online training membership for an employee, you’ll get the first month for $5 instead of $10. That’s it. This is a really affordable opportunity to get your team on a course for improving skills, learning new ones, and taking care of certifications. This offer will end on March 31st, 2019.

We’ve picked 5 of our favorite course titles for you to check out, and they’re all included.

  1. Conflict resolutions
  2. Managing multiple projects, objectives, and deadlines
  3. Remarkable customer service
  4. Anti-harassment training
  5. 11 proven ways to make your presentations more interactive

To set your team up with online training, or if you have some questions, contact your HR business partner: hr@nextep.com

At Nextep, we learn together and grow together.

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