Nextep Gives Back

Our people-first attitude extends outside of our workplace, too. We not only encourage our employees to serve the organizations they’re passionate about, we invite them to do so on company time. In 2018 alone, thanks to the Nextep Gives Back initiative, our employees have generously donated more than 1,000 hours working to empower and enrich the community.

About the Foundation

Nextep Gives Back is a non-profit organization devoted to the mission of empowering our employees to elevate the lives of people in need, and to enrich the community in which they live. We are able to accomplish this through the utilization of three key components.



Our people are excited about being difference-makers in the community. They’re eager to serve, and we eagerly encourage them to do so by providing paid volunteer hours to employees. To us, there’s no better day’s work than one spent assisting children, families, and people or organizations in need inside our communities.



In addition to time and physical effort, Nextep Gives Back is donating $100,000 to elevate people and organizations that need help. From families and schools to charities and businesses, we’re removing the barriers that keep people in need from moving forward, and we are donating our dollars to make a positive impact.



We know starting an organization is hard. But Nextep has the know-how you need to succeed and we’re here to help make that happen. Nextep Gives Back offers grants consisting of one year of free services to select start-up nonprofits. And what up-and-coming company wouldn’t want a certified expert in their corner?


We’re Proud to Pledge 1%


Nextep joins an impressive nationwide network of entrepreneurs and companies that have committed to philanthropic efforts through the Pledge 1% movement. Through our commitment to families and the community, we’re honored to be able to give back through our time, donations, and services.