The Nextep Story

"I left a publicly traded PEO in 1997 with a dream of doing it differently."

"My goal was to give my clients the best of both worlds: the benefits and state-of-the-art technology that large companies have to offer, and the personal service and flexibility that smaller companies deliver."

"We’ve grown over the years, and we’ll continue to grow, but I’ve never lost sight of that dream. It’s still what I’m passionate about today."
Brian Fayak
Founder, President and CEO


How We Do Business

We realize elevating employment experiences and enriching lives is a bold statement. But it serves as our compass. It drives every business decision we make, every phone call we answer, and every employee we hire.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to provide exceptional service. We accomplish this through an unwavering commitment to integrity, technology, and, above all, our people. Our people-first attitude and work ethic are reflected in everything we do.


Our Promise

Our promise is to make employment easier. If you’re a small business owner, HR manager, or employee, we want your day at work to be better and more manageable. This lofty goal is our guiding light, and it’s the solution we strive to provide.


Our Ambition

Chances are, your company started much like Nextep did: small in size but big on passion and ideas. We know firsthand the struggles of making a business work, as well as the unique challenges in realizing success and growth. We’re here to help.

I love it when I hear our clients say things like, ‘I’m so glad I don’t have to do that anymore,’ ‘Thank goodness you’re handling that,’ or ‘I never really understood that until now.’
Tiffany Grayless
Benefits Administration Manager

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