Nextep Leadership

Every contribution we make that goes beyond the status quo can mean significant improvements for how we do business and the product we offer. At Nextep, our leadership always encourages the extra step that can make a difference.


Brian Fayak

Founder, President, and CEO

Brian Fayak founded Nextep with the excitement only a true entrepreneur can possess. Migrating from the safety of a publicly-traded company to a one-man operation — sales, owner, and whole-enchilada organizational leadership.

Since those modest beginnings, Nextep has grown into the industry’s premier professional employer organization, with clients coast-to-coast. And the reason is no secret: Nextep knows how to grow business.

Melissa Grimes
“Our promise is to make employment easier — to make your day at work better and more manageable. This audacious goal is our guiding light.”

Melissa Grimes

Chief Operating Officer

Melissa oversees all human resources, benefits, and payroll operations and directs client relations. Most importantly, she is the unofficial keeper of Nextep’s culture, making this a great place to work and giving that same respect and care to our clients and their employees.

Adam Graham
“Every contribution that goes beyond the status quo can mean significant improvements for another person and the company’s culture.”

Adam Graham

Chief of Sales & Marketing

Adam oversees Nextep’s sales and marketing operations. In his role, he determines goals, finds innovative ways to use technology to bring solutions to clients, and oversees the branding initiatives. At the core of all of this work, his main commitment is to making life easier for people.

In the Spotlight

Courtney Fryar

HR Business Partner

Courtney has been with Nextep since 2017. She’s the ultimate team player, always willing to help out as needed, and has an infectious go-getter attitude. Courtney’s also one of the pop culture queens of the office and can quote most popular TV shows.

Courtney Fryar
Brian Bennett Brian Bennett

Brian Bennett

IT Manager
Michelle Golob Michelle Golob

Michelle Golob

Regional Sales Manager
Jenna Cohen Jenna Cohen

Jenna Cohen

Regional Sales Manager
Tracey Hixon Tracey Hixon

Tracey Hixon

Corporate HR Director
Breanna Honeycutt Breanna Honeycutt

Breanna Honeycutt

Vice President of Sales
Shelley Hopper Shelley Hopper

Shelley Hopper

VP of Benefits
Christy Hrencher Christy Hrencher

Christy Hrencher

Marketing Director
Beth Dean Beth Dean

Beth Dean

Marketing Manager
Hank Johnson Hank Johnson

Hank Johnson

Director of Risk Management
Charity McMahon Charity McMahon

Charity McMahon

VP of Operations
Sarah Fogel Sarah Fogel

Sarah Fogel

Director of Sales, Central Region
Carolyn Montgomery Carolyn Montgomery

Carolyn Montgomery

Director of Sales, South Region
Lindsey Nichols Lindsey Nichols

Lindsey Nichols

VP of Human Resources
Ronda Rogers Ronda Rogers

Ronda Rogers

Haley Schroedter Haley Schroedter

Haley Schroedter

Director of Sales, North Region
Ron Stephenson Ron Stephenson

Ron Stephenson

Regional Sales Manager
Justin Davis Justin Davis

Justin Davis

Client Success Manager
Babs Harmon Babs Harmon

Babs Harmon

Retirement Plan Manager
Mandy Rushing Mandy Rushing

Mandy Rushing

Regional Sales Manager
Laura Kresse Laura Kresse

Laura Kresse

Regional Sales Manager
Kristi Wilson Kristi Wilson

Kristi Wilson

Accounting Manager
Kasie Newman Kasie Newman

Kasie Newman

Payroll Manager
Drew Miller Drew Miller

Drew Miller

Corporate HR Manager
Shelby Toney Shelby Toney

Shelby Toney

HR Manager
Nicole Boykins Nicole Boykins

Nicole Boykins

Client Systems Manager
Robin McMullan Robin McMullan

Robin McMullan

HR Manager
Tiffany Grayless Tiffany Grayless

Tiffany Grayless

Benefits Administration Manager
Amber Kerr Amber Kerr

Amber Kerr

Benefits Services Manager
Lindsey Christopher Lindsey Christopher

Lindsey Christopher

Regional Sales Manager
Heather LePorte Heather LePorte

Heather LePorte

Regional Sales Manager
Alana Hopper Alana Hopper

Alana Hopper

Regional Sales Manager
Jessica Wisham Jessica Wisham

Jessica Wisham

Payroll Supervisor
Randy Cooper Randy Cooper

Randy Cooper

Payroll Supervisor
Tiffany Hammer Tiffany Hammer

Tiffany Hammer

Implementation Supervisor
Lindsey Colabello Lindsey Colabello

Lindsey Colabello

Benefits Services Supervisor
Kimberly Nichols Kimberly Nichols

Kimberly Nichols

Payroll Supervisor
Danae Southerland Danae Southerland

Danae Southerland

Systems Supervisor
Scot Fairbanks Scot Fairbanks

Scot Fairbanks

Benefit Account Supervisor
Amber Partlow Amber Partlow

Amber Partlow

Accounting Supervisor
Michele Ellis Michele Ellis

Michele Ellis

Payroll Tax Supervisor
Drew Edington Drew Edington

Drew Edington

Operations Support Supervisor

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