Workplace Posters in Texas are Changing. Here's How to Show the New Open Carry Laws.

Workplace Posters in Texas are Changing. Here's How to Show the New Open Carry Laws.

As of January 1, 2016, Texas citizens have the right to openly carry handguns in visible holsters on their hips and shoulders in the same locations they would be allowed to carry concealed handguns.

This law may present a safety concern for employers. To prevent workplace violence, many employers prohibit all guns on their premises. As long as they are prominently communicated in English and Spanish, these workplace policies may supersede Texas open and concealed carry laws, allowing workplaces to set policies to prohibit firearms on the premises completely.

To restrict open and concealed handguns in the workplace, Nextep requires our clients to post both of these following posters in each worksite location:

  • Concealed Carry Restriction (30.06): Prohibits concealed carry
  • Open Carry Restriction (30.07): Prohibits open carry

Due to the state mandated size requirements, there are no free downloadable options available. Posters are available for purchase at $13.75 each, either directly through a poster vendor or via Nextep. Please reach out to HR to place your order at or 888-811-5150.

Some types of business are automatically exempt from the open carry law. Firearms may not be carried, openly or concealed, by the general public in churches, jails, hospitals, and establishments where alcohol comprises the majority of revenue.

For additional questions on this or any other state-specific regulations, please contact your HR Consultant at Nextep.

Nextep may also order a poster for you at a direct pass-through cost. Please contact you HR Consultant for additional details.

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