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Unlike certain opaque competitors, our transparent pricing scales with your company size and details every line item on your invoice, so you only pay for what you need. Call today at 888-811-5150 or schedule a quick call to get a custom quote based on your unique needs!

We’ll show you how our company can not only save money based on what you’re doing now, but we’ll also find other opportunities for saving that you may not have gotten anywhere else.


Let’s Innovate and Collaborate!

Our clients get the benefit of our PEO services, plus the customized solutions and hands-on attention every unique business requires. You’ll have access to customizable benefit plans, HR policies, and reports to fit your business.

Pricing is customized to evolve as your business grows. Monthly services start at a competitive cost per employee per month. Call us at 888-811-5150 or click the button below to schedule a quick chat!


Demystifying PEO Pricing

Transparent or opaque? Flat fee or percentage-based? Figuring out PEO pricing can be confusing. We’re here to help give you clarity!

PEO pricing should be crystal clear, honest, and tailored to your business needs. It starts with understanding how to identify a PEO that prioritizes pricing transparency. Here’s how!


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Services Include…


  • HR compliance 
  • Employee handbook development
  • Job descriptions
  • Performance management
  • Employee file maintenance 
  • Compliance investigation and resolution 
  • Customized policy and procedure creation
  • Salary assessments
  • Recruiting service 
  • Pre-employment drug screens 
  • Background checks
  • Unemployment claims management
  • Online training
  • Employee surveys
  • DISC assessments



Some services may require an additional fee. See our Additional Services & Assessments page for pricing on additional services.

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