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Customized Benefits for Your Business

We’re here to help make competitive benefits a reality for businesses of any size. We know benefits are crucial to making sure your people are taken care of as well as attracting and retaining top talent. We take time to learn what matters most to your business and then build a strategy that is tailored to your business. And, your employees can enroll, check status, and access their benefits info in one place, on any device. 

Nextep partners with the best of the best when it comes to your benefit options. We work with Aetna to provide medical options to fit every lifestyle, MetLife for dental, vision, and many voluntary benefits, and Empower for 401(k). We also partner with Health Advocate to offer your people confidential, one-on-one consultation to manage their health questions and concerns. Whatever your situation, we have a benefit and a great partner for you!

Our Approach to Benefits


Nextep’s Health Advocate services support the whole family. Their advocates can walk you through your benefit plans and explain coverage, review claims, find in-network providers, and more.


It’s not worth saving money if you don’t get the right benefits. Our large-group buying power offers a number of different plan designs to fit unique lifestyles and keep costs low year after year.


Every business has different and ever-changing benefit needs. We offer a variety of plans to build benefit offerings that meet your needs and budget and, most importantly, take care of your people.


Nextep’s all-in-one platform brings each of your benefit providers together. With one login, you can access medical plan info, benefit cards, retirement accounts, and more. Plus, you and your people have the same access and power to self-service on the go with the Nextep mobile app!

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Check your medical claims, 401(k) contributions, and any of your benefit plans with one login!
View your benefit options and make your choices in the Nextep app.
Forget your insurance card at home? No worries! You can easily pull it up anytime on your phone!
Check your balance, monitor fund performance, and make changes to your 401(k).

Powerful Technology, Intuitive Design

You won’t find technology this seamless anywhere else. Nextep technology gives you and your employees the ability to manage everything employment-related in one place. Tackle benefits enrollment, find ID cards, and view benefit costs at your desk or on the go. With one-tap management, you can toggle between your personal info and your administrative info with one click.

See more about how our technology enhances your benefits experience here!

Let’s Go!

Benefits Services

We’ll relieve your employee benefits burden with our expertise and guidance. A partial list of our core benefits services includes:

  • Large group medical policy sponsored directly by Nextep
  • Maintaining 100% compliance
  • Tracking and maintaining employee benefits info electronically
  • Managing deductions, vendor billing, reconciliation, and payment remittance
  • Explanation of benefits and claims assistance
  • Voluntary options including vision, dental, life, AD&D, retirement, pet insurance, theft protection, and more
  • Flexible spending accounts (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA)
  • Health Advocate services for your whole family

Health Advocate

Nextep partners with Health Advocate to offer your people confidential, one-on-one consultation to manage their health questions and concerns.

Nextep’s Health Advocate services support the whole family and are available to all benefits-eligible employees if your company offers one of our Nextep medical plans. Plus, these services extend to the members’ spouses, dependents, parents, and parents-in-law at no cost, whether they’re on our health plan or not!

For more info and to see our frequently asked questions, visit our resources page!

resources page


“I can’t possibly list all the positive impacts Nextep’s benefits have had on my life. From the health care and the wellness initiatives, to the onsite massages and financial planning strategies, Nextep offers benefits for all aspects of your life.”

Rebecca Pastrano


Business Solutions

End-to-End HR
Serving the Entire Lifecycle

Nextep has solutions that serve your complete employee life cycle.

From the day you recruit new employees, to hiring, benefits, development, time and attendance, COBRA, and beyond, we’re here for every step of it.

Personalized Support
Above All, Our People

We take a people-first approach to service, with a dedicated service team who know you by name and care about your company.

We take your feedback seriously and have the NPS score to prove it!

Elevated Technology
Wherever You Are

We know that business doesn’t just happen at a desk. Likewise, neither does our technology.

We pride ourselves on bringing you an intuitive, comprehensive technology platform, available on any device.

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