Complete Risk & Compliance Solutions

Today, running a company is risky business. Rapidly changing industry environments mean your company must constantly monitor ongoing risk to stay ahead of the game — being proactive, not reactive.

We all know injuries happen. And even though you realize it may require a cast for a broken bone, you might not know the best course of action when an employee gets hurt. Our team can get your employees the help they need while guiding you through the post-injury process.

Our Approach to Risk & Compliance


Your Team

We manage the complete risk and compliance burden for your company, including workers’ compensation costs and claims, employer practice liability insurance, and government regulations. You’ll also get easy access to your team. Report an injury, request a certificate, or schedule a drug screening on-demand through our online help portal.


Compliance Made Easy

We know the way through the complexities of compliance. Our experts stay up-to-date with each and every regulation that affects your company.


Trusted Coverage

Our competitive, comprehensive group workers' compensation insurance is through an “A” rated carrier, offering complete financial protection to your company in the event of a workplace injury.


Workers’ Compensation Services

Along with workers’ compensation insurance, Nextep provides clients with the tools and resources to reduce risk and protect employees. A partial list of our core risk management services includes:

  • Insurance through an A-rated carrier
  • Claims management
  • Drug-free workplace programs
  • Employer Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
  • Safety consultation and online safety training
  • Return-to-work programs

Why Nextep?

From the moment you hire your first employee, you enter a world of new responsibilities. As an employer, you’ll face a wide range of human resource issues to administer.

When you partner with Nextep, our industry-leading technology platform delivers all your employment-related needs in one secure place.

As a certified professional employer organization (PEO), Nextep provides comprehensive HR, benefits, payroll, and risk & compliance solutions for your small business. Through the PEO relationship, you and your employees gain access to big-business benefits and technology delivered by friendly experts. We take on the liability while you maintain worksite direction and control.

In short, we’ll handle the details so you and your employees can get back to doing what you do best: MAKING YOUR BUSINESS A SUCCESS.

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